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Minibugs Djeco Christmas

30/11/2015 12:15

Show your love with the best quality toys this Christmas. Explore the Minibugs Djeco Catalogue and get your orders in before the big day. 

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Christmas Dresses

Every girl deserves a new party dress at Christmas time, & Minibugs Boutique has cute designs from all over Europe. British favourites Joules have produced some truly spectacular designs for the Christmas season.

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The Pirates Are Coming

07/10/2015 15:22

Buy Wooden Toy Pirates


It's widely accepted that children learn through play. Toys don’t have to be labeled “educational” to help them develop. In fact, kids are more likely to engage in play activities if they are based around topics that hold their interest. The Djeco Arty Toys range is based around Superheroes, Pirates,  Knights & Princesses, & thanks to popular movies such as Frozen & The Pirates of the Caribbean & Marvel franchises, these groups have never been more popular.

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Buy Joules Kids Dresses

Joules Kids clothing is always so popular in our Buxton store & online. Joules’ designs represent all things British! Quality fabrics, autumnal colours & classic designs that suit cool kids & cute babies everywhere.

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So, how was your Easter?

08/04/2013 00:00


Well, ours was busy, busy, busy!! An Easter event at beautiful Tatton Park + some (almost) sunny weather = 2 very tired sisters!! But it was a lovely weekend, & we met some lovely new customers (as well as seeing some familiar faces). Rachel missed George & Grace, but made up for it on "Ester Wednesday" which may become a regular event in the Hoodith/Jeffries household! If you didn't make it down be sure to try & come to our next do there, a Christmas shopping event in October. Tatton is so beautiful, & I never stop being amazed at how close the stags come! We've also just got the news that we've been accepted on the Chatsworth Christmas Markets - yikes! 10 days of outdoor Christmas craziness!! We best get our thermals ready!

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Instagram Madness

23/06/14 00:00

Warning! “Inappropriate” images coming up!!

I love Instagram. Now, given my picture taking skills aren't the best, what I really mean is I love following people on Instagram. (It’s one of my goals this year to get better at posting my own images…..we'll see!) For those who don’t know, it’s an image sharing service. The simplicity of it is wonderful. Post a picture, tag friends if you wish. You can even use a hashtag if you’re that way inclined! But really, that’s it. No ads, no requests from friends you'd rather forget, & no pressure to try & be funny in 140 characters. Just snapshots of the things you love. Kids, cute baby clothes, cake, architecture, cats anything goes. Well, not really anything. Over the last few months there have been several disturbing instances of Instagram deleting pictures, or even entire accounts due to their inappropriate nature. Surely a good thing? I suppose that would depend on your definition of inappropriate. Is a picture of a woman breastfeeding her baby inappropriate? Or how about this picture of baby Marlow, daughter of blogger & Instagrammer (IGer to some) @courtneyadamo?


Courtney’s daughter has just begun potty training, & was so proud that she'd kept her pants dry all day that she pulled this pose to show her mum.  Why wouldn't Courtney want to take a snap of that!! & more importantly, why shouldn't she share that image with her 41,000 followers? After all, she is a blogger of all things to do with kids, & she has 4 of her own, so in following her account you really do know what her photos are going to be all about, no big surprises. Apparently all it takes is a few people (no one is sure how many) to complain about a picture & you will be “red flagged” by Instagram & have the picture removed, & without IG even telling you which one caused the “offense”. In the worst cases, IG have deleted entire accounts without warning. But really, what is so bad about this picture, or a breastfeeding picture? & why is there no course of action for people affected? No contact information, email, or phone number appears to even exist for Instagram. Is it just an automated system, that panders to the complaints of a few? If you don't like Courtney’s IG feed, just unfollow her, it’s pretty simple! Now, there are many, many reasons to unfollow Courtney – she is young, beautiful, successful, well travelled, with a lovely house, handsome hubby & 4 super cute children, it’s enough to make you insanely envious! – but this beautiful photo isn't one of them.

Anyone wishing to follow my currently uninspiring feed can download Instagram & find me at @minibugsclaire. The plan is to show cool kids clothes & all manner of fun things for fun kids! (& maybe the odd cat) It'll get better soon, I promise.


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Rain, rain, go away!!

26/05/14 00:00

What a grey and rainy day in Buxton, where just a few weeks ago the kids were playing out after school and we were eating tea in the garden.  
Just a few Sundays ago the Goyt Valley - on our doorstep - was a hive of birdsong and wildflowers, all skylarks and bluebells and masses of cow parsley.  The kids were out on their bikes, with one of these great Djeco "balloon balls" stuffed in their pocket, easy to get out and pack away again when they stopped for a game of catch after lunch.   This week it's back to wellies and winter warmers.... ahhh, the Great British Weather....  
Forest Ball                                                  Flower Pattern Ball          
Well, it may be grey outside but I've been busy adding colour to the shop.
Some of our local customers will have seen the hundred metres (gulp!) of bright, bold bunting that the Minibugs team made to brighten up the Victorian Colonnade in which our shop sits.  
Well as if that wasn't enough sewing, we decided that you're never to old to have a "birthday badge" and as it's our second birthday coming up we thought we'd make ourselves one using denim and hundreds of little plastic flowers!  Fixing it to the window was a challenge and a half.  In the end I used bright coloured ribbon inspired by the Maypole dances that you still see at the start of summer around here.  For those of you who pass the shop, drop in and and let me know what you think.  
Yes, it's nearly our birthday.  Our party is on Saturday 7th June and you're all invited.  Once I've written this I'll get back to wrapping our freebies for all the kids  and there's something for the grown-ups too.... 10% off all sales!  There will also be a "Name Our Bugs" competition.  Seriously, we decided it's time our Minibugs (designed by artist and illustrator Lucy Gell) became proper little characters, and so we're throwing it open to see what emerges!
Birthday Invites       Colouring
I'll be back here nearer the time with an interview with Minibugs founders Claire and Rachel Hoodith, and also coming up is an interview with the fabulous Alice Ferguson, Bristol mum and entrepreneur who set up the campaign group "Playing Out".
In the mean time, I'd better get on with that wrapping.  Stay warm and dry!!
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